What does a typical session look like?

Sessions are held in your home or at an agreed upon location….

Aside from having me in your home, my sessions are generally at a park or other outdoor location.  I have a list of my favorite places to shoot that also include urban, funky backdrops, but feel free to take me to your family’s favorite spot!   Parks and green spaces work well for families with little ones.  There is room for lots of playing and tickle attacks!  If you have older kiddos we can get a bit more adventurous and head downtown or to your favorite snow-cone stand or fishing spot.  A few times a year I rent a natural light, white studio. This is a great blank canvas for us to get really creative and style out a session. Studio Dates are announced on my facebook page and on the blog. So be sure to visit here often for the latest news!

My style…

          Connection, Connection… That is what I strive to capture.  The love between you and your kids, the sweet looks between you and your spouse or the look of blissed out joy when you tickle  your toddler. These are the moments that are truly priceless and it’s my honor to capture for you. My style is a mixture of documentary (or “lifestyle”) and  traditional portraiture.  I capture a lot of candid moments but also am happy to suggest a pose and let that pose evolve into a true moment. Real life, real moments.. that’s what it’s all about!  Do you have a specific vision for your session? Please share it with me! I want and need your input so I can create your dream session!

Timing and lighting…..

        The best time to shoot outdoors will be the hours before sunset and the hour after sunrise.  These are “golden hour” hours. The light is warm, yellow and adds a dramatic element to your images. I try to keep the majority of my outdoor sessions within these time frames.  If I am shooting at your home I might ask when the natural lighting is best in your home.

Let’s make it unique…

I like to make each of my sessions unique. I want it to speak to who your family’s personality. Is your family goofy, athletic, fashionistas?I like to incorporate your style and personality into your sessions in any way I can.  Do you and your family LOOOVVEEE pizza? Let’s make that part of your session!! Does your kiddo know every single marvel character? Let them bring a costume and show me!!  Got a fav spot downtown or park you frequent? Tell me and we can make that your session location!
We can get really creative together! Tell me your thoughts and what you love about your kiddos! Together we can make your session truly show who you guys are!

I booked ya…..What happens next…

Once you book your session, Valerie Cannon Photography will contact you and discuss and plan out your session.
If you need wardrobe help or styling suggestions Valerie can assist with that as well.
The day before the session you will receive a session confirmation reminder message detailing any last minute adjustments or information.

Time is allowed for children to become familiar with the camera and location. Valerie Cannon Photography pulls from a mixture of documentary, candid and loosely posed portraiture. Capturing childhood means capturing movement. Families can expect to sit, stand, dance, tickle and play with their children. If you have a toddler feel free to bring their favorite snack and toy to make them comfortable. If you are a nursing mother feel free to feed your baby as needed. We want little ones as comfortable and happy as possible.  

You may expect to see a sneak peek sent via email within 24-48 hours. This will give you an idea of what your final gallery will look like.  Approximately 2-3 weeks after your session, you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery and a download pin.


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