Valerie Cannon Photography bio picture

    Momma Bear. Wife. Artist. Photographer. Foodie. Travel junkie. Perfectionist. Aggie. Hiker. Yogi. Volunteer. Introvert in Extrovert clothing. Birth Advocate. Vegan (a lazy one).

    I am called many things but Artist is one that I have been called the longest. Since I was a kid I was creating, observing and inventing art. Photography came lurking it’s head up right after college for me. Once I got my own camera in my hand, I could not stop shooting. Photography is much like an addiction to me. I am addicted to capturing the connections between loved ones, between children and their parents, siblings and friends. My clients are my friends and their journeys I hold dear and am grateful they let me into their lives so I can capture a brief moment of it. I promise to do my very best to make our time together as personal, relaxed and unique as possible while documenting the true spirit of your family.

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