Blog Love {DFW Photographer}


Oh my little Loves! My little teachers!
Life has been so busy and work has been ever changing for not only me and my hubby,
but also for my beautiful friends and family. This seems to be a busy time of life for us all.
I am forever learning to be more graceful and grateful  for the little things,
the good things, the frustrating things & the things that punch you  randomly in the gut.
When the whirlwind of life catches me up in it and I cannot seem to remember my heading
I stop and look at my loves
I see serenity and peace in their wrinkled noses
the gap between their teeth
My son’s crazy hat
They are my sanctuary
They are my love.

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Its been quiet here…. {DFW Photographer}




It’s been quiet here and with good reason, I have been immersed in my family and the cold weather has pushed most of my shoots to later this month. As I wait for sunnier days, I have been doing alot of business upkeep and just loving on my babies.  They are truly my number one inspiration.

My goals for 2014 are pretty clear cut. More creativity, more crazy ideas and more focus! Here’s to a New Year of possibilities!

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